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Passports and VISA photos

We are proud of the photos we take, we use proper lighting and a proper camera (non of this cheap and nasty instant photo stuff) We are able to take photos for your Passport, Visa, Driving Licence and any other Identity Cards.

We take your photos when you come in to see us, (no need to make an appointment) you then leave it with us to print. The usual print time is 15 minutes but this does depend on what is going through the printer at the time. We will inform you at the time if there is going to be any sort of delay.

All of the photos we take meet the very strict Biometric Requirements. We will advise of what we need to get right when you are having your picture taken.

The most common photos that we are asked for are –
• UK Passport and Visa
• Driving Licence
• US Passport and Visa
• Canadian Passport and Visa
• Indian Visa
• Australian Passport

Passport Photos

British 35 x 45mm                                                                                   £9.00

Self taken Photos (we cannot reprint if they do not pass)                  £5.00

US Passport/Indian Visa 50 x 50mm                                                   £12.50

Canadian 50 x 70mm                                                                            £15.00

Canadian 35 x 55mm with 10mm Signing Strip                                 £15.00

Please bring your passport requirements with you as countries do vary in required specifications.

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